The following is a selection of projects and other learning experiences involving technology that I have designed and/or collaborated on. It includes samples of student work and other proprietary materials. Please do not share without my permission.

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In my classroom...

The Lawrenceville School, The Girls' Middle School, Menlo School

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Architecture Project

High School Geometry - Spring 2011 - Google SketchUp

What will learning look like in the year 2050?

Working as a member of an architectural team in 2050, you are competing against other companies to win the contract to design a state-of-the-art math building for the given site. You must present your proposed design to a panel of judges, who will be awarding the contract. Your design must meet the learning needs of students in the year 2050, and must accommodate a school size of 850 students.

Project prompt

In collaboration with: Corinne Hagen


GeoGebra Explorations

High School Geometry - Fall 2011 - GeoGebra

Interactive virtual manipulatives to discover Geometric relationships and patterns.

GeoGebra exploration

In collaboration with: Miguel Bayona

Math video lesson

7th grade Pre-Algebra - Spring 2015 - iMovie, Explain Everything, Photo Booth, Audacity

Independently study and practice an upcoming concept in our curriculum, then make a video, in the style of Vi Hart, to support your classmates' learning once we get to your concept as a class. During your lesson, you will serve as TAs within the class.

Design Thinking Project

7th grade interdisciplinary project - Spring 2015

Use the design thinking process to identify a challenge for the GMS community. Through iterative testing, design and develop prototypes of a solution to propose to school leadership.

In collaboration with: Chris Proctor, Amoy Walker, Caitlin Cameron, Torrey Delaplane, Annick Theoret

RObotics Olympiad

8th grade Computer Science - Spring 2017 - Sphero Edu

Train (program) your Sphero SPRK+ robot to compete in various sporting events. Includes both programming and engineering challenges. 

Project guidelines

Python Programming

8th grade Computer Science - 2016-2018 - Terminal, Sublime Text, Trinket

Students learned basic computer programming through a series of projects, including Guess My Number, Caesar Cipher, and Python Café.

Guess My Number project

Caesar Cipher project

Python Café project


Arduino project

8th grade Computer Science - Winter 2018 - Crumble, Arduino, Inkscape, Maker Case, Laser Cutter

Design, build, wire, and program a solution to a simple but persistent day-to-day challenge, using Arduino computers and additional construction and design tools. It must make use of at least one input (e.g. sensor) and at least one output (e.g. light, motor). You will need to test it and video tape your final project in action.

Preliminary 'learning challenges'

Computer Science Portfolio

8th grade Computer Science - 2017-2018 - EduBlogs, Trinket, Google Drive

Yearlong project portfolio including project descriptions, reflections, as well as embedded code, videos, and other artifacts.

Sample portfolio (password: lovelace)

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In their classroom...

Menlo School

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Cell Analogy project

6th grade Science - Spring 2017 - Thinglink

Students compare an item of their choosing (like a backpack, or Disneyland) to a cell by identifying (and justifying) the parts of their item that are analogous to each part of the cell. In Thinglink, they set an image of their item as the background then tag each cell analogy with a picture, video, and/or written explanation.

Project prompt

In collaboration with: Jacqueline Stark

30 seconds to speak to the world

6th grade Human Skills - Spring 2017

We share this planet with seven billion other people. What is our relationship to all these people? How are we different? How are we the same? The Good Planet Foundation asked people from all over the world about the things they value and messages they would want to give the world. These interviews examined their hopes, dreams, fears, and morals. In the end, it explores what we might have in common. If you had 30 seconds to speak to the world, what would you say?

Project worksheet

In collaboration with: Laura McGourty


Volume and Surface Area Exploration

EdTech Residency Project - 7th grade Math - Fall 2018 - Google SketchUp, Minecraft Education Edition, TinkerCAD, 3D Printing

How might we teach concepts like volume and surface area in a way that is hands-on, fun, and connected to the real world?

In collaboration with: Kevin Campion

Rhythm Sight reading Practice

EdTech Residency Project - MS Music - Fall 2018 - EarMaster Cloud

The challenge: A way to help students practice sight reading rhythm charts at their own pace and without feeling self-conscious.

In collaboration with: Liz Bongiorno

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This i believe podcasts

8th grade English - Fall 2018 - Opinion app, Google Sites

Students examined their own beliefs and wrote an essay in the form of NPR's This I Believe program. Then they recorded their essays as podcasts.

Project site

In collaboration with: Eden Beck

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Outside the classroom...

Menlo School

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iPad App Guide

Faculty Reference Tool - Spring 2017 - Google Sites

Comprehensive list of required student iPad apps intended to ensure that teachers (especially new teachers) know what the students have, as well as to offer inspiration from other teachers for ways in which to make use of them in their teaching.

iPad App Guide

Summer PD: Samr model & EdTEch Skills Challenge

Faculty PD Workshop - Summer 2017

Introduce the SAMR model, gather examples of existing faculty projects and practices at each level, introduce the EdTech Skills Challenge, and set the stage for future work. With a common language and skillset around educational technology, we hope that departments and teams might better collaborate towards transformative technology use.

EdTech Skills Challenge

In collaboration with: Katie Miller

standards-based gradebook builder

EdTech Residency Project - Fall 2018 - Google Sheets, Google Apps Scripts

A new gradebook model allowing teachers to meaningfully and effectively assess students along multiple standards in alignment with the school's new report card format.

In collaboration with: Jacqueline Stark, Bobbi Lynn Monroe

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parent education & ipad rollout

6th grade parents & students

Parent presentations include 6th grade parent ed night in the fall, with an overview of the BYOD iPad program, including philosophy, affordances, and logistics. Additional core elements of iPad rollout are app distribution, acceptable use and family media agreement forms, student setup.

Middle School Device Requirement

Administration, faculty, & families - Spring 2018

Reevaluating the existing device requirement in the middle school. Through surveys, conversations, and observations of faculty, students, and parents, working to identify and articulate the objectives and constraints of our one-to-one program and make the best recommendation to the administration for its future.

At right, an intermediary presentation to the 6th grade team

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As a student...

Stanford University Graduate School of Education

Learning, Design, and Technology M.A. (2015-2016)

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Metacognizant (Master's Project)

FileMaker Pro, Sketch, Google Classroom

Metacognizant is an application integrated into the middle school classroom, designed to foster metacognitive awareness and positive identity development in a conscious manner. Research suggests that by deliberately exposing students to higher-order thinking strategies, we can begin to close the achievement gap in education. Taking advantage of the affordances of technology for efficiency and personalization, Metacognizant engages students in tailored, bite-size tasks (or ‘cogs’) inspired by best practices for teaching and learning. Cogs are structured around concrete artifacts of student learning (including video clips, photos, written work, and class discussions) to help students access these very abstract skills.

Project report

In collaboration with: The Girls' Middle School, Anna Hannan


Sketch, Marvel App

How might technology help us assess and teach 21st century skills like collaboration and participation? As part of a larger project that involved measuring student collaboration skills in action using emergent wearable technologies, this was a prototype of an initial design for the teacher app intended to accompany the student wearables.


120 - iPhone.png


Paper Prototype

Floor It! is an interactive learning platform that incorporates movement and play to engage students in their learning. Floor It! lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Literacy.

In collaboration with: Open Mind School, Colin Coltrera, Lena Hong